The Langley Hospice Project

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As an active member of the Fraser Valley community, Keystone Architecture takes great pride in projects that positively impact the local community. The Langley Hospice Society is a non-profit charitable organization that supports individuals living with a terminal illness. Keystone Architecture has supported the Hospice Society for several years and is currently tasked with the design and development of a new Langley Hospice facility on the Langley Memorial Hospital site.

The Langley Hospice Project will positively impact the community

The project will positively impact the Langley Hospice Society and local Langley community in a big way. The $900,000 in funding that the project received from the Provincial Government will go towards the replacement of an older Hospice facility. The new building will help to provide a much-needed increase in resources and support to individuals who are terminally ill, and families of these patients. For over thirty-five years, the Langley Hospice Society has served its community by providing residents with quality end of life care and bereavement. Keystone Architecture is proud to work on another project that will play such an important role in the local community.

Design details of the Langley Hospice Project

The Langley Hospice project is currently in the design phase with a target completion date in 2018. The new building is being designed to include 5 new hospice beds, 15 care suites and additional family living spaces, all of which are a significant upgrade from the previous facility. Keystone Architecture is designing a unique space for the Langley Hospice Society that will merge functionality with cost control and a reduced carbon footprint. By adding design elements such as skylights, the building will bring in more natural light and feel more like a home as opposed to an institution. The building’s roof lines are designed to resemble the natural form of a leaf, symbolizing sanctuary and the journey through life.

For more details on the Langley Hospice Project, please visit the project’s page. For details and updates on other Keystone community projects, visit our Community Support projects page.