Multiple Keystone Developments in Abbotsford Receive Green Light from Council

We are honoured to be involved in many exciting projects throughout the Lower Mainland, Okanagan, and beyond into the rest of BC and Alberta. Most recently, we’ve received very positive feedback from the City of Abbotsford’s Council on two large mixed-use developments right in our own backyard.

University District Development

The U (University District Development) is a proposed 3-building, mixed-use development located in a major hub of central Abbotsford near the University of the Fraser Valley. This development is designed to achieve key principles identified in the City of Abbotsford’s long-term U-District Neighbourhood Plan, which includes additional housing, retail/commercial space, natural surroundings, gathering spaces, and transit options. This Abbotsford development furthers these standards while providing walkability and maintaining a “street-friendly” design. Significant effort was put towards addressing the need to create thriving spaces in which to live, work, and play as a substantial part of the main gateway into the U-District urban area.

Upper Montrose Development

The Upper Montrose development is a 5 storey mixed-use building consisting of residential units at the upper levels with a ground floor parkade and ground-oriented commercial and live/work units located along Montrose Avenue and Pauline Street respectively. This development extends the cultural and historic downtown Montrose Avenue south of South Fraser Way. The City of Abbotsford’s Historic Downtown Neighbourhood Plan (HDNP) and OCP outlines the vision for the Historic Downtown Core and this visualization includes small scale retail opportunities, residential intensification, and historic buildings while maintaining consistent character throughout. The design of this development furthers the City’s plan by creating vibrant new opportunities that preserve and complement the existing historic buildings and honour the heritage design inherent of the area.

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