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12661 110 Avenue, Surrey, BC
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  • Mixed-use development consisting of four 6-storey buildings with 514 rental units and 11,867 sf of commercial space
  • Lively, livable, and transit-orientated development that purposefully limits parking to promote eco-friendly commuter options
  • Houses a bike storage area and is next to a Skytrain hub, shops, restaurants, and entertainment to provide residents with everything they need
  • Future-forward design reflects a transportation theme through dynamic patterns, geometric shapes, and vibrant accents that resemble the flow of movement from the passing Skytrains
  • Internal courtyard creates an inviting urban oasis that harmoniously blends natural elements, social spaces, and transportation-themed design cues
  • The four buildings have direct access to the courtyard from various levels, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Balconies, terraces, and communal rooftop areas can overlook and interact with the courtyard, creating visual and physical connections.
  • An amenity building is strategically placed in the center of the courtyard, which houses a gym with an extensive glass façade that allows abundant natural light to flood the interior while providing panoramic views of the courtyard and the surrounding buildings
  • Features a lounge, party rooms, gyms, rooftop decks, and a community garden
  • Project helps to further the City of Surrey’s vision to revitalize the transit corridor and provide residents with close proximity to transit, specifically the Scott Road Skytrain station
  • As an added sustainable benefit, it’s built on a space-saving footprint next to a brownfield, that otherwise may not have been developed due to the cost of reclaiming the land from previous industrial tenants
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  • Concrete and wood-frame construction
  • Multi-storey concrete podiums comprised of a mixture of parkade and commercial spaces
  • Built with renewable wood materials and energy-saving LED lighting throughout
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  • Completed 2022
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