The keystone advantage

Who We Are

Since inception, Keystone Architecture has built its reputation on integrity, honesty and a commitment to the communities we work with. We remain steadfast in our values as our firm continues to improve upon designs, pushing for spaces that merge innovation with functionality. As a part of the Fraser Valley community in which we all live, work, and play in, we take tremendous pride in the unique spaces we design as these are the same spaces we see, visit, and enjoy regularly.

Architecture Innovation

Innovative design

At Keystone, innovation is about more than just design. Innovation is about continuously seeking out new ways to advance our service portfolio, client relationships, value proposition, cost control, and carbon footprint. Our innovative architectural design solutions are rooted in our desire to push for more diverse projects, without losing sight of functionality and context.


client focused

At Keystone Architecture, we recognize that there is a balance between providing our professional guidance and allowing our clients to facilitate the outcome of their projects. We work alongside our clients every step of the way, encouraging open communication and providing our professional advice and input all the while placing clients right in the driver seat. We find that this approach ultimately results in a highly successful collaborative project that exceeds our clients’ needs and wants.


Practical Solutions

Through our devotion to designing beautiful, yet functional spaces, we are able to provide our clients with long-lasting value. We strive to create buildings that are befitting to their program, function, and context.

over 30 years Experience

Rather than rest on our laurels or choose the easiest path, we seek to build on, capitalize on, and advance our experience. We believe that learning never ends and that each completed project should be an improvement on the last. For 30 years, we have been honing our skills and incorporating innovative designs with practical solutions, resulting in continuously improved developments of true lasting value for our clients.


Completed projects


Clients served


Years of combined

building strong Relationships

We believe in cultivating strong relationships with authorities, developers, contractors and the communities we serve. We have spent 30+ years fostering existing relationships and seeking to develop new ones so that we can continuously improve ourselves and the service we provide to our clients.

Building strong relationships

Close knit team

At Keystone, every individual is a valued contributor to our team. We invest in our team members and are honoured to work alongside them. We are personally and collectively committed to continuous improvement so that we can serve our clients to the highest standard. We continue to seek out the best people in the industry so that our growth is not simply expansion but rather advancement and improvement. As we add each new member to our team, we improve and better our team. Meet the team.

Canada Green Building Council


Keystone considers environmental sustainability a key design driver in every project that always also considers economic viability without compromising design excellence. In keeping with the importance of considering the environment, we also support the RAIC’s commitment to achieve the 2030 climate target under the Paris Agreement along with their longer-term de-carbonization goals to significantly reduce emissions of existing buildings and ensure that new buildings are designed for ultra-low emissions.


Community Impact

We are proud members of the Fraser Valley community and our solid, long-lasting relationships are a testament to this. As active members in the community, we do more than simply contribute money to various organizations. We live, work and serve in the Fraser Valley and we are honoured to help the community continue to flourish.